System Status - ChatOnce Customer application

Tracks issues affecting your customer’s ability to converse and schedule via ChatOnce.

Time Status Message
1 year ago 3_Partial service disruption ISSUE UPDATE : Our Development team is working with Microsoft to resolve the issue where Standalone bots/forms and pages are not loading for some customers. We are still waiting on a progress update from Microsoft. We are looking into other alternative solutions as we continue to work with them and will post further updates here.
1 year ago 3_Partial service disruption ISSUE DETECTED: We have detected an issue where customers accessing Standalone bots/forms and pages from certain IP addresses are unable to load them. Our developers have determined that the cause of this behavior is an issue with Microsoft Azure. We are working with Microsoft on high priority to find a solution and will post updates here as they become available.
Status Legend
1_Operational Operational 4_Complete service disruption Complete service disruption 5_Incident report Incident report 3_Partial service disruption Partial service disruption