System Status - OnceHub User application

Tracks issues affecting a User’s ability to access or make changes to their OnceHub account.

Time Status Message
12 months ago 1_Operational ISSUE RESOLVED: Our development team has deployed a fix which we believe should resolve the issue with reconnecting to Exchange and Office 365 via EWS. We are continuing to monitor this issue closely and will post any further updates as they come in.
12 months ago 3_Partial service disruption ISSUE UPDATE: We are testing a possible fix for the issue preventing certain Users from reconnecting to Exchange or Office 365 using EWS with highest priority. We will continue to post updates here as testing progresses. In the meantime, we recommend the following steps: 1. Make sure that the calendar account has not been locked due to unsuccessful authentication attempts 2. Attempt reconnection in a few hours 3. Make sure to include the EWS URL when attempting to connect the calendar 4. Create and use an app-specific password when attempting to connect
Status Legend
1_Operational Operational 4_Complete service disruption Complete service disruption 5_Incident report Incident report 3_Partial service disruption Partial service disruption